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About Us

Welcome to our cozy corner of creativity, we may be siblings, but our crafting journeys are as unique as our personalities.

M, the older of the two, has a tech background and a lifelong passion for crafts, dating back to the days when our beloved grandma taught her how to crochet and embroider. She finds joy in sewing, needlework, working with paper crafts, and preserving cherished memories through hybrid scrapbooking. Her crafting style is a testament to her soothing and methodical approach.

As for H, she holds an MBA in business and is the mastermind behind all the behind-the-scenes necessities that keep our creative journey on track. Apart from her business acumen, she also has a green thumb, a talent that translates beautifully into our crafting endeavors.  Just as she tends to the needs of her plants, nurturing them to flourish, she approaches crafting with the same level of care and attention to detail. 

What started as a side hustle, fueled by our shared passion for crafting, quickly became a passion project. As we dipped our toes into the world of handmade crafts, we realized that we wanted to share the joy and creativity we found in every piece we made.

Together, we were a dynamic team, combining our different personalities to create something truly special.